Collection: Combination Skin Collection


What is Combination Skin?

Combination skin is a mix of oily skin and dry skin. Usually, the T-zone is oily, and the cheeks are dry. Breakouts tend to form only on the forehead, chin, and nose whereas your cheeks can be quite sensitive.

What Causes Combination Skin?

  • If any of your parents or family members have combination skin, you may have it too.
  • Harsh products used on the skin
  • You may see a change in your skin type depending on the change in the climate or weather. For example, summers may make your skin oily. Your skin may feel dry during the winter months.


Here at Freedom we have put together a package for combination skin which includes our Olympian moisturising balm, The Spa body butter and unscented lip balm. 

Apply Olympian by warming bar in your hands and apply the soothing oils to your face or body. Olympian is designed to trick your skin into thinking it has produced enough oils and so balancing your skin.

After a relaxing shower or bath apply our luscious body butter made from 3 amazing  balms oils and butters.

Apply your lip balm at night as well as day time to allow the healing and moisturising properties to work.