Collection: Bar Conditioner & Hair Conditioner Bars Range

This professional grade Vegan Hair Conditioner harnesses all-natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vit E, VitB5 and Jojoba Oil to hydrate, nourish and add silky softness to hair. Derived from renewable resources, this plastic-free alternative provides a frizz-free, lustrous result with a pleasant scent. Easy to apply and distribute evenly, a few minutes of treatment yields optimal results. To maximize the bar's longevity, ensure it is fully dry between uses. This solid oil is also perfect for use as a leave-in conditioner without the need for foaming.

After shampooing, apply the bar evenly throughout your hair, gently massage it in and allow it to work its magic over the course of a few minutes.

Instructions: apply to wet hair after shampooing . Conditioner does not foam or lather. Massage bar through your hair from root to tip leave for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly