Collection: Natural Deodorants by Freedom Cosmetics

Freedom Cosmetics offers a range of cruelty free, effective, and natural deodorants perfect for all skin types. Stay fresh and confident all day long with our products.

Freedom Cosmetics vegan deodorant are packed full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help to protect, sooth and deeply moisturise the skin as well as eliminating odor from sweat. No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens. It allows your skin to breath and perspire naturally and will not block your sweat glands which will allow your body to remove toxins as nature intended.

Our ingredients include: Coconut which is full of antibacterial properties. Shea butter and mango butter to pamper and protect the underarm. Arrowroot helps absorb sweat. Sodium bicarbonate helps absorb sweat and deodorise. Vitamin E and essential oils.


Summer Hold deodorant to your underarm for a few moments then glide over your skin.

Winter: Hold deodorant against your underarm for approx 10 seconds and apply

Remember a little goes a long way.

Remember our natural deodorants are vegan, contain no aluminium, parabens or carcinogens. Will not block your sweat glands and will allow your body to remove toxins as nature intended. Made with only the purest ingredients. Contains no artificial colouring or preservatives. Handmade in the Mournes. Not tested on animals. Sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging. Palm oil free. Made in small batches to the highest standards. Supports healthy marine life.100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Zero plastic. Suitable for men, women and teens